The Leaders Factor

"What's Your Leaders Factor?"

Are you ready to evolve from AUTHORITY to INFLUENCE?


I Wrote The Book On It!

  • The Leaders Journey
  • 4 Values of the Leaders Journey
  • Mindset Shifts
  • Intentional Action

It is time to equip yourself and your fellow leaders to understand the cultural shift needed to evolve beyond authority driven autocratic management to a CULTURE OF  INNOVATION!

Learning Objectives:

  • The Leaders Journey
    • Reason One - The Leaders Factor
    • Reason Two - The Tipping Point
    • Reason Three - The Five Levels of Leadership
  • 4 Values of The Leaders Journey
  • Mindset Shifts of a Leader
  • 6 Steps of a Leaders Conversation
  • Team Development & Optimization
  • Intentional Action


  • Agile Bootcamp
  • Communication Awareness Assessment

Autocratic leadership methods are outdated and ineffective in today's culture of innovation, the lean agile mindset, and knowledge work. Leaders and organizations that resist this awareness are being left behind.


There are reasons organizations continue to repeat the same unwanted results over and over again. Far too many leaders don't reach their full potential because they allow their position to define their leadership style. There is much more to leadership than position. 


This pattern of repeated results became discouraging and unacceptable for me; the same may be true for you. As a result, I became very intentional in my efforts to provide a way forward for an organization to move beyond this tipping point.


There seems to be a commonality among organizations around the globe exhibiting these same limiting results.


The intention of this book is to expand your awareness allowing you to think into your own results.


Working together to successfully navigate and overcome the organizational leadership cultural challenges encountered in today's professional environment of innovation, agility, knowledge work, technology, and digital disruption.

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