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Team Development & Optimization through Communication Awareness


  • Communication Awareness

    - Learn how to connect with a higher level of impact

    - Learn your communication style and behavior traits
    - Learn to recognize the behavioral traits of others

  • Team Development & Optimization

    Team Optimization is the balance of your team members personal strengths and limitations.

  • Invest 48 Minutes in Yourself...

    - Increase Your Awareness
    - Increase Your Influence
    - Increase Your Impact

  • Complimentary Relationships

    Live and work in your strength by recognizing relationships that complement your personal style.

  • Connect With Your Team!

    20+ years of coaching and this is the most effective way I have found to connect with your team. Improve the most important relationships in your professional and/or personal life.

  • Thomas Bookhamer

    Webinar Host - Executive Director, John Maxwell Co. JMT Certified John Maxwell, Leadership Coach, Teacher, & Speaker.

  • Start your Leaders Journey!

  • What's Your Leaders Factor?

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