Why do teams or family members interact the way they do? Where does the conflict between different personalities come from, and what can be done to resolve it? 


People make behavioral choices based on their unique personalities and experiences. The understanding and awareness of an individuals’ behavioral tendencies will result in more effective leadership and communication. 


Greater self-awareness and team knowledge will lead to improved interaction, resulting in better teamwork, greater productivity, increased revenue, and greater engagement. "Connecting"

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  • Communication Awareness Assessment

  • Team Development & Optimization through Communication Awareness

  • Behavioral Patterns

Ready to know yourself so you can grow yourself?


RECOMMENDATION: Do this with your most important relationships... spouse, partner, co-workers, team, or family! - Start here!

The Communication Awareness Assessment is easy-to-take online providing fast results, with practical guidance as to why people behave the way they do, how different personalities best communicate and interact, and how best to lead varied individuals. 


Your 30+ page report will show you exactly what you need to vastly improve your relationships and communication with co-workers, family members, spouse, and even your children!


Are you a person of influence? Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why not? Discover your strengths, motivators, ideal work environment, communication style and that of your teammates! 

Hi! I'm Thomas Bookhamer!

I spent 25 years developing and training corporate teams to do their best work together.


Then one holiday, I applied all that research to getting to know the team in my life that matters most - MY FAMILY! - My world changed! It was immediately obvious that ALL of the research and effort spent on making corporate teams gel should be available to everyone.

Thomas is great at getting individuals to learn and understand their best working and communication methods and how that fits into an overall team.


I am definitely investing to have additional staff members attend the next session!

Yaziri Orrostieta

CEO, WorkHub Tyler

When you purchase, you'll get:


  • The Most Comprehensive Communication Assessment Available 

    Communicating with others begins with having a thorough understanding of how YOU communicate! The Maxwell DISC assessment is renowned worldwide for helping you better KNOW yourself and others. It is designed to inform the relationships of the MOST important teams in your life - individuals, couples, families, co-workers, and even parents & kids (ages 8+).

  • Your Personalized 30+ Page Report

    You’ll get your 30 page report immediately upon completion of the online assessment. Your detailed, full-color report lays out everything you've ever wanted to know about how you move through the world - including your communication dos and don'ts, action plan, blind spots, deepest fears and major motivators.

I took Thomas' DISC workshop and was blown away! His insights are worth every single penny.

I'll be using this information when choosing clients, but I also immediately ordered more assessments for my husband and kids!

Lara Eastburn

Owner, Lara Eastburn Digital



  • Behavioral Patterns Masterclass

    In the self-paced, online Masterclass, you will learn to recognize behavioral patterns in others, providing clues to better communication. This will allow you to speak to them in a way that resonates with their personality.

  • Private Facebook Group

    The group is dedicated to learning through community participation of shared experience. We value learning from everyone's shared experiences and adding value to one another. You will find 100's of like-minded peers on their leaders journey.

The assessment and report provided incredible insights into myself, plus what strengths I should look for in others to enhance my work objectives.

The workshop opened my eyes to better ways to communicate with others according to their personality.

Daniel David

Tech & Operations Manager, Advanced Labs

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