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It's time to evolve from an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership culture of influence and innovation. 

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Being one of the FIRST 50 is about having the heart the heart that understands and resonates with the 4 Values of the Leaders Journey. (Me to We, Connect, Add Value, Lead from Influence) If this resonates with you then YOU are a perfect candidate for the FIRST 50!


It's NOT about being already equipped with great leadership ability and coaching skills, (YET). The community will EQUIP YOU!

I’m looking for the right heart!

Is it you? Are you ready to be an influential leader and coach serving 100's to follow? Are you ready to join your peers in the Leaders Journey Coaching Community?  WE NEED YOU!


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Leaders Journey

Coaching Community

First 50 New Members

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Community Center

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Call Archive
  • Guest Speakers

Coaching Center

  • Leadership Training
    • JM Academy 
  • Coaching Training
    • ​Leaders Journey
  • Agile Training
    • Agile Bootcamp
  • Community Contributions
    • ​Self-publish​

JM Academy

  • Communication Awareness Assessment
  • Develop the Leader Within You v2.0
  • Maxwell Leadership Game
  • Exclusive Discounts - Licensed Maxwell Content


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JM Academy

I'll pay the licensing fees!

  • Communication Awareness Assessment - Maxwell Method of DISC - 32 page report aligning your personality traits and communication style to leadership principles.
  • Developing the Leader within You v2.0 - 10 video lessons & 10 application lessons taught by John C. Maxwell.


See below for more details on each program.

Allow me to ask you a few questions:

  • What if you could be in a community of equipped coaches, leaders, and colleagues who have like-minded experience and proven results in common areas? That is the Community Center!

  • What would it be worth to you to be able access world-class training content for, Leadership, Coaching, and Agile training? That is the Coaching Center!

  • What if you had access to LICENSED John C. Maxwell Leadership Training Content at BIG Members ONLY Discounts? That is the JM Academy!

  • Are you ready to be an influential leader and coach serving 100's of your peers that will come after the FIRST 50? That is the Leaders Journey Coaching Community!

Membership in this coaching community provides you access to both the Community Center, Coaching Center, and the JM Academy


The Community Center is about providing you with a connection to coaches, leaders, and colleagues who have like-minded experience and proven results in common areas. Professional coaches and leaders just like yourself that have, experience, awareness, processes, systems, expertise, and proven results that will add value to you every day. Join-in with your peers and colleagues who are, ready, willing, and already participating as, "Thinking Partners"


The Coaching Center has three core training centers: Leadership Training, Coaching Training, and Agile Training. As a community member, you will also have access to the Coaching Center and JM Academy, where you will find world-class, actionable training content on both Agile and Leadership, providing value right away! The features of the community are listed below but let's talk about... RESULTS

Life change occurs when NEW AWARENESS creates DESIRE and moves to INTENTIONAL ACTION! 


Do you have the courage to share your experiences in order to create NEW AWARENESS? If you answered, YES... then you will get the results you desire. Here's how life change works...


While the Leaders Journey and the 4 Values evolved from real-world coaching experience, it is not about me providing the solution. It is about all of us sharing our current experience and awareness within the community. We all have our own unique awareness and experience to offer. It is about adding value to each other. We are going to learn and grow together! We are going to evolve the cultural leadership challenges of today's organization - TOGETHER!


Here's another reason you will get results. While the Coaching Center is packed full of world-class actionable learning content, the Community Center is as much about learning from you and your shared experience and contributions as it is about adding value to you.


This group learning culture is ideal for supporting the 4 Values of the Leaders Journey while providing affordable professional coaching for everyone! (Moving from Me to We - Connecting - Adding Value - Gaining Influence and increased effectiveness) We will accomplish great things together!


The reason you will get RESULTS is because a learning community of shared experiences nurtures NEW AWARENESS that creates DESIRE. Through encouragement and group thinking YOU will move to INTENTIONAL ACTION and achieve the results you desire! The community will not let you make agreements with limitations - YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

When you join the community you'll get access to the Team Portal:


  • Community Center

    You will be part of the community with full access to the following:

    • Private Facebook Group - Share experiences everyday and group feedback.
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls - International toll-free, teaching calls, QA calls, and guest speakers.
    • Call Archive - Recorded, never miss a call.
    • Guest Speakers - Share your best content with the community..
  • Coaching Center

    As a community member, you have access to the Coaching Center, where you will find years of actionable training content on both Agile and Leadership. 

    • Leadership Training
      • John Maxwell Academy - Members ONLY exclusively licensed John Maxwell Leadership Content
    • Coaching Training
      • The Leaders Journey - The Four Values of the Leaders Journey
    • Agile Training
      • The Agile Bootcamp - Five Course Series
    • Community Contributions
      • Do you have a favorite course you would like to publish adding value to your peers?
  • JM Academy

    The Leaders Factor has already licensed the following content passing BiG savings along exclusively to community members. New content monthly!

    • Licensed John Maxwell Leadership Content
      • Communication Awareness Assessment
      • Develop the Leader Within You v2.0
      • Maxwell Leadership Game
      • Exclusive Discounts - Licensed Maxwell Content

Thomas is great at getting individuals to learn and understand their best working and communication methods and how that fits into an overall team.


I am definitely investing to have additional staff members attend the next session!

Yaziri Orrostieta

CEO, WorkHub Tyler



  • Communication Awareness Assessment

    Are you a person of influence? Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why not?

    Do you know the three values of influence? 

    • Maxwell Method of DISC Assessment
    • 30+ Page Report - Behavioral Traits & Communication Style 
    • Coaching Debrief with Thomas (Live Virtual Coaching)
  • Behavioral Patterns Masterclass

    In the self-paced, online Masterclass, you will learn to recognize behavioral patterns in others providing you clues to better communication.

  • eBook

    What's Your Leaders Factor? Introducing the Leaders Journey. Foundational teaching of the 4 Values of the Leaders Journey. Paperback also available on Amazon and great for taking notes and following the workshops. 

  • Awareness Quick Start

    • 5 Animated Video Lessons
    • Resources & Printouts
  • Agile Bootcamp

    • 5 Course Series - What is Agile?, Why Iterative Delivery?, Day in the Life of a Product Owner, What are User Stories?, and Sprint Zero. 
    • Self-Paced Online
  • Exclusive Content, Resources and Discounts

    • Members ONLY Privileges
    • Members ONLY discounts on John Maxwell licensed leadership content. e.g. "Developing the Leader Within You v2.0" 
    • Discounts on nine additional online assessment types and Impact Reports.
    • More...

I took Thomas' DISC workshop and was blown away! His insights are worth every single penny.

I'll be using this information when choosing clients, but I also immediately ordered more assessments for my husband and kids!

Lara Eastburn

Owner, Lara Eastburn Digital

In addition to the discounts and exclusive content, as a community member, you have global access to weekly group coaching calls and access to the closed Facebook Group.


Have you ever had the opportunity to share experiences and challenges with like-minded colleagues in other organizations? Our community members find it extremely effective to be able to discuss experience, ideas, and questions with other leaders who share the same organizational leadership challenges from around the globe.


Contribute and learn what is working and what is not working across multiple organizations. This is an effective opportunity without breaking any confidentiality constraints.


You now have access to the collective experience, awareness, and wisdom of other leaders and professional coaches from all levels.  


As a member of the Mentorship Community, you will have many benefits and privileges exclusive to the community. 


The assessment and report provided incredible insights into myself, plus what strengths I should look for in others to enhance my work objectives.

The workshop opened my eyes to better ways to communicate with others according to their personality.

Daniel David

Tech & Operations Manager, Advanced Labs

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